FAQs & Hints
  • This is a simple visual embed documented here.
  • Use full urls when you can so the page can be placed anywhere.
  • If you plan to place the page outside of gallery's root directory the you need the full system path to embed.php
  • You can use subdomains - again with full urls and paths.
  • You can create as many embedded pages as you like(with different names) to create many views of your gallery.
  • This simple embed will not cross manage users from your CMS to gallery.
  • If you choose a non-default theme it must already be installed/active.
  • The most common error is using a url where a path belongs. A Url starts with http:// whereas a Path would be like /usr/local/www/...
  • Examples
The Acme Gallery2 EMBED-O-RATOR
Embed Path: Path to your gallery's embed.php
Your Gallery: Url to your gallery2 directory
Name of this script: What you intend to name the script we generate here.
Script destination: Url to where you intend to upload this script.
Your stylesheet: Url to your sites stylesheet
Your javascript: Url to your sites javascript(not required)
Page Title: Page title attribute
Markup Type:
Default AlbumId: Leave blank for default
Breadcrumb RootId: Leave blank for default
Theme: Leave blank for default
Allow Login:
Show Sidebar Blocks:
Your page body HTML:
Your page footer HTML:

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